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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Strike, Strike Strike

Another day, another strike. Once again the country has faced strikes from civil servants, council staff and other public service workers.

They are protesting as usual about government cuts, pensions and the the general state of the nation. Although I agree with what they are striking about, I don't think it does any good, as people are now resigned to the fact that the country is in a mess and it's going to take a long time to solve it.

How the present government is tackling it, is open for debate and whether it is the right way of doing it. I'm not sure whether the opposition have the best plans either, as possibly a lot of it is their fault to start with, and they could have done some of the things that people are calling for now, such as closing tax loopholes for companies and high earners when they were in power. So why didn't they?

Anyway here's a shot of the demo in the Old Market Square. It was very windy today, so their flags and banners were waving madly in the breeze.