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Sunday, 20 May 2012

You Ought To See The Size Of The Chips!

On my way home from work, I cycle along part of the canal near Castle Boulevard and pass this mural every time. I've tried to take a photo of it before, but as it is so big, it didn't come out the way that I wanted.

So I decided to cycle along the other side of the water and see if it would work any better. And yes, I do believe it does.

I don't know who originally painted it, but it has been there for quite a while now. I can't remember when it first appeared though, or when I first noticed it.The paint is starting to fade a little now, so it could do with a touch-up or two.

Quite a few people, including youngsters like sitting along there with their fishing rods, in the hope that they'll catch something. Especially now with the light nights. They are a little annoying sometimes, when they spread all their stuff out on the pathway, and I have to try and dodge it, like I was some kind of stunt rider.