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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Whether The Weather

I'm posting this week's Headbanger Challenge early as Gail and I are off out tomorrow night, and may be back late. Tom has come up with the theme this week and he has chosen 'trees and one that means a lot to you'.

My photo is of a tree that means a great deal to me personally. Yes it is a Christmas tree and it is in our front garden. I planted it in early 1997 after it had been decorated for the celebrations that year.

My mum and I had moved house in June 1996 after my died from an illness. We both felt that it was time for a move, and as my mum had heart problems too, we decided to look for a bungalow. These sorts of houses are quite rare in Beeston and so it was quite lucky that I just happen to spot one in an estate agent's window. We managed to secure it and moved in.

I bought the tree from a local greengrocers. It was fairly small and came with roots. So after the festive season I thought I would plant it out. 50/50 it would grow. Well after 16 years you can see that it has indeed grown, and is now almost as high as the house itself!

Do pop over to see what trees are special to them. And it you fancy being a Headbanger yourself, to do get in touch.

What strange weather we have had today. A bit of sun, some hail, some rain and lots of wind. I said to a co-worker after coming back from lunch, it's quite a nice September day out; sunny, but with a slight autumnal nip in the air. Alas it's still May, and the decent weather has yet to start.

Of course both plants and wildlife are struggling too, as they don't know what to do. Apparently this rapidly changing weather is playing havoc with the mating rituals of animals and birds, as they are not sure whether to have a bit of nookie, or hibernate.

Joking apart, this could have serious consequences, no babies will mean a drop in numbers; the food chain will be affected both for them and us, as plants aren't pollenated, so that may mean a shortage of some foods like fruit.

I just hope that the weather sorts itself out very soon and the flora and fauna can return to how things should be at this time of year. I took this photo tonight out of the upstairs window, as I thought the sky was a bit of an unusual colour.