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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Close Shave

I was up at Beauvale Priory this evening to do some rehearsals, as part of the Eastwood Festival.

I am once again going to be dressing up as a monk and giving guided tours of the former Carthusian monastery.

There was a bit of fun going on when I got there. A load of sheep had escaped as they were being rounded up for sheering. The farmhands and some of my fellow actors were running around a field and waving their arms about, in trying to get the sheep to go into a pen. I was disappointed in a way that I arrived too late to help.

So when the fun was over, we got down to some work, while the farm workers could get on with theirs.

After we had finished the rehearsal, I grabbed my OMD and was lucky enough to capture the last sheep of the night getting their regimental short back and sides for the summer.

There were quite a few sheep still to be done. But the shearer opened the pen gate and let them out. It was like a stampede as they all ran out and up the field to be out of the way.

Yes, you looking sheepish, don't worry, you have a date with the barber tomorrow.