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Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Cat With Eight Lives Left

I heard a rather sad story today while I was up at Beauvale Priory, giving guided tours whilst dressed up as a monk.

It concerns this little kitten, and a black one that were happily sitting in cage together. Anne the farmers wife said that the owner was going to drown them, as he didn't want them. But she managed to rescue them before they met their fate. Anne said that she had found the black one a new home, but this little mite was still homeless.

Anne continued to say that they she couldn't keep him, as obviously on a farm he would keep chasing the chickens that roam freely around the place.

He's so adorable, just like a tiny version of Oscar. If we didn't have two cats already, I would be tempted to adopt him.

It's upsetting to know that someone decided that this little cat had no value and was not therefore entitled to lead a life. How cruel and heartless is that.

What should have happened of course is that the kitten's father should have been taken to the vet for a little op so that there's no opportunity for unwanted kittens.

But now that he is here, I hope that he finds a loving home soon, and is looked after as part of someone's family.