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Friday, 19 July 2013

That Rivera Touch

The famous or infamous, Nottingham by the Sea opened today for the next six weeks or so, while the kids are on their summer break.

This is the yearly, free extravaganza designed for people that either don't want, or can't afford to go away on holiday. So the holiday comes to them. There's a sandy beach to build sandcastles on, a paddling pool and some rides; together with some pier style slot machines and a bar.

I have to say that this years looks better than the last one. They have introduced a few new attractions, like this pirate ship swing, which I am tempted to have a go on, depending on how much it costs. There is also a  model of a shark hung upside down, so people can stick their heads inside the open jaw, like they were in the well known Spielberg film of the same name.

I sadly missed the opening, as I had lunch with some old workmates, two of which are leaving today. Unfortunately one couldn't actually make it, as the office had had a power cut, and she had to stay to help sort it all out.

I will have a closer look round it on Monday, when I  have more time to stroll about with my camera. Just hope it stays sunny, as its been a glorious, cloudless blue sky today.