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Wednesday, 17 July 2013


As much as I realise that I have to work to pay my way through life, and to afford the odd treat now and then, I do get annoyed that I have to drag myself to the office everyday, when I could be doing something much more interesting.

Today has been such an example. As while I was typing away on the computer, a whole host of famous thespians were in Beeston to unveil a plaque in the memory of the much missed actor Richard Beckinsale, who lived in the area as a child.

As the plaque says, Richard's two most famous and well loved roles were that of Lennie Godber in the prison comedy Porridge, and Alan, the long haired student in Rising Damp.

His actress daughter Kate Beckinsale, Kate's mother Judy Loe, who is also an actress, Little Britain's David Walliams and Michael Sheen, another actor who has played local football legend Brian Clough and Carry On comedy star Kenneth Williams in films also turned up.

My friend Matt, who runs the Beeston Film Club managed to get an invitation to the unveiling at the local school and to meet the stars. He has posted his insight on his blog LINK and will no doubt be writing an article for the next issue of his great magazine The Beestonian. If you want to have a look at what the Beestionian's all about, here's a LINK to that too.

A great shame that Richard died at only 31. He would be 65 now. I wonder what sort of acting and parts he would have done now.

Here's a clip from Porridge, so you can remember just what he was like: