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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Trial And Error

I recently ordered a new lens for my OMD, and it came yesterday. It's a fixed f8, 15mm. Very small. In fact it looks like a lens cap. So I popped it on this morning and took it to Beeston with me for a trial run.

Although it was very warm still, the sun had disappeared, and was cloudy.  Not ideal f8 conditions. So I cranked the ISO up a little bit to compensate.

Unfortunately there wasn't any events on today, so I just went for a stroll up and down the High Road, randomly shooting from the hip, just to see what sort of photos would turn up.

Most of them were rubbish, but I quite like this one. Fairly sharp, and at a jaunty angle. Just a shame that the lad in the middle is obscured by the tree. But it all adds to the fun of not looking through the viewfinder. I also like the gaze of the guy who was reading a travel brochure. He just seemed to look up as I was walking by. But I don't think he had suspected that I had taken his photo. Such is the beauty of the little lens.