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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Those Boys Of Company D

I've been busy at home today, moving furniture and sorting stuff out etc, so not had the opportunity of shooting anything.

So here's a fortuitous photo which I took at the Armed Forces Day, on Saturday. We were wandering around after most of the public had left and everyone was starting to pack up and head off.

Whilst we were taking some photos of a vehicle, I saw all these soldiers posing for photos that were being taken on mobile phones, for their wives and girlfriends. So naturally I had to take a few, so that everyone could be in the shot.

I handed my business card to one of them and said that if he sent me his email address, then I would send him a copy. Alas to date, he's not replied, which is a shame, as I'm sure he, and the others would like it.

What's especially good is the fact that the Mercian Regiment, is the one from the Midlands region. In fact it is made up of several regiments that were merged a few years ago; one of which was the Sherwood Foresters, from Nottingham. In fact my late uncle served in that regiment during the early 1900's.

If anyone reading this blog post knows any of the soldiers, or the regiment, then please do tell them, and I'll happily email them a copy.