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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Two Towers

My monthly visit to London today, and I was wondering if there was going to be rain, rain, rain, like last night. There was certainly some when we were travelling through Loughborough.

But I needn't have worried, as London was sunny and warm. In fact I wish that I had my shorts on, as my legs got quite warm walking down the Euston Road.

I was pleased in the afternoon as the meeting had finished a little earlier, and as I had a fixed time rail ticket, I had a bit extra time to go exploring. One place that I have wanted to visit was the base of the Post Office Tower. Just to see what it was like.

Besides the 20mm lens that I had on my OMD, I had also taken my 'fisheye' lens. Just because... So when I reached the tower, I  put it on to see what effect it would have, as the best point of view of the tower was down a little side street. And I must say that I am quite pleased with it. And it looks a natural for black and white.