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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Birthday Greetings

Yes, today marks Nottingham Daily Photo's sixth Birthday.

Seems incredible that I've managed to keep my blog going for all this time. Practically on a daily basis too since 2006. Which incidentally was the same year that Gail and I got married. But rest assured, the two are not connected!

Looking for a special commemorative photo is always difficult. So for this years, I've been a little imaginative and created this mock advertising board, using a protestor from a recent demonstration about council budget cuts.

I'm sure Unison won't mind publicising my blog, as I've shared a few photos of their demonstrations over the last couple of years.

There was another one in the square today. But they were a bit squashed together this time, as most of the open space had been taken over by a European market. One which was selling food, clothes, plants and trinkets. I'll probably show you tomorrow some of the things on offer.