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Friday, 9 March 2012

The Old Sea Dog

A trip along the River Trent was called for today, as my brother Tony wanted to see the river again and see the spot where he fell in and nearly drowned over 50 years ago. The weather was sunny, but very breezy. Fortunately not windy enough to blow him, or me for that matter in the water.

We also went for a walk around Beeston Marina. It had not really changed since I took Stewart (iMac) there a few weeks ago. Some of the same narrowboats were still there. Being a workday, there weren't that many people around. A couple of narrowboats chugged by, including one where their dog had his own lifejacket.

I'm not sure whether dogs are fashion conscious at all. So I don't know what this pooch things about wearing this orange creation, or whether his bum looks big in it or not. But I'm sure he doesn't mind if it stops him drowning. Tony wasn't wearing one when he hit the water, so I don't know what saved him, other than his two other brothers being present. Tony did end up in hospital though, while Peter and Robert got a smack from their mum for getting up to mischief!