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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Flash, Bang, Wallop

We both spent a very enjoyable evening tonight in the company of Michael Lau, a local professional photographer who was leading a small class on the subject of studio photography. He began by asking what sort of cameras we had and how we used it. Michael suggested that we all tried to use the manual mode all the time, instead of auto or aperture priority etc, as we would get better quality shots, as we would be controlling how the camera took the photograph. Even though it would take us longer to work out the individual settings.

Whilst Kat our model for the evening got ready, Michael explained how the lights worked and what we would be doing with them. Although we had done a tiny bit of studio work before, it was good to have a bit of a refresher. Kat said that she was ready and so the shooting began. As there was only five of us in the group, it allowed plenty of time for us to have a good go each.

The biggest problem I had was trying to think up imaginative poses for Kat to create, such as the one here. Fortunately she had obviously done this sort of thing before and so helped me out. I will have to start a collection of fashion photos, so they can give me some inspiration for next time, as its something that Gail and I want to continue with. Especially now, as we bought a small studio lighting kit from the camera show last week in Birmingham.

For more information about Michael, why not pop over to his website and see the sort of photos that we aspire to taking.