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Saturday, 10 March 2012

MP Stands For Missing Person

This morning a delegation of Beeston residents wanted to speak with our local MP during her monthly surgery at the local library. They planned to hand over a lot of petition cards signed by the local population against the proposed government cuts of the N.H.S.

Unfortunately our member for parliament didn't turn up. Apparently she's not too keen on meeting constituents that aren't very happy with what her leaders are planning or doing. So too are many other MPs up and down the country as the financial pain that we are all going through continues.

But surely it's one of the jobs that they are paid to do. To explain to the voters why government policy is best for everyone in the long run, even though it seems stupid at the time. But to chicken out like that is very poor form. Especially as she used to be a journalist on the local TV news some years ago and trained in the legal profession to boot.

Our previous MP was always ready to discuss policies with people, even if you didn't agree with them, and used to send round an email newsletter on a weekly basis about what was happening in the borough etc and inviting people to write back with comments. Although no longer our voice in Westminster, he still sends updates and invites feedback on the stories he writes about. Good on you Dr Palmer.