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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Hot Potato

Stewart has chosen this week's Headbanger Challenge, and it's a bit of an odd one. We have to show the word of the hobby that is closest to our heart. Now Gail my wife is the closest to my heart. But she is not what you would call a hobby. More like a full time job! But the best one going. No wages. But loving someone goes beyond a monetary value. As you can't put a price of loving and being loved. The friendship and the happiness that it brings and the warm glow, knowing that there is someone in the world that cares for you, and would do anything for you.

My favourite hobby is of course 'photography'. This blog will be six years old at the end of the month, and I have lost count of how many photos I have taken in that time. Some of course go straight to the waste bin, while others could be classed as acceptable. Even good. It's an expensive one as well. With items that are always needed, like other lenses, a tripod etc.

I also like doing sudokus and crosswords. So instead of showing a photo of my camera etc, I thought I would combine the two interests, and have created a Scrabble board using words all to do with photography in one way or another. It took me a little time to work out. Obviously 'photography' was going to be the main word. Then it was just a case of listing things that go with it.

I had a few tiles left over. But overall I am happy with the result. Of course being a Nikon user, I just had to slip that in somewhere. Don't forget to visit the other members of the team and see how they have interpreted the theme. And do enjoy this piece of photography themed music.

Everyone knows that sex sells. It's been in the ad-mans' bible since marketing began. Drape a scantily clad female on a car and you sell twice as many as ones that don't. Even if the other cars are more reliable. Pop a hunky man in an advert for a drink, and sales go through the roof.

But who would have thought you would have to use such tactics to sell potatoes. Yes, sex is now being used to sell the common, everyday spud. I doubt they taste any different to other potatoes you can buy. After all they all come out of the same place; the ground. But for some reason, the farmer who supplies our local greengrocer with potatoes has decided to glamourise his sacks. Maybe he thinks that he might sell more. But since a large majority of women do the food shopping, it's surely a lost cause. Still it's eye-catching in a way. So it is doing it's job in one way. Which I suppose is the point of the exercise.