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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Reflections Of Life

Welcome to this week's Headbanger Challenge. We decided not to bother last week as neither Kathy or Stewart were able to participate for various reasons, and it wouldn't be much of a challenge with 40% of the gang missing. So my theme of 'competition' has been held over until this week.

I'm not sure why I picked on competition for a theme, as I'm not really a competitive sort of person, but I think it does make for an interesting theme. One that can have many interpretations.

For my entry I've gone for something a little different. Last year Gail and I went to some sports car racing at Donington Park, in Southern Derbyshire. The racing itself wasn't that exciting, but walking round the workshop and holding area was. There were people milling about, cars, trucks parked, spare parts, and all the other paraphernalia that goes with motor racing.

Looking in the workshops I saw this rather unusual still life. The helmet and glove, the roll of paper and the winning trophy, which seemed to be casually tossed aside like it wasn't important, rather than taking pride of place as the fruits and considerable expense of their labours.

For more interpretations of the theme, do pop along to the gang's blogs and please leave a comment. Also enjoy this piece of suitable winning music from last year's Eurovision Song Contest.

There was quite an interesting programme on TV tonight about an art exhibition in Venice and the problems that the artists have had in getting their work to the places that they are going to be shown. One of the exhibitors was Anish Kapoor. He is well known in Nottingham as the designer of the Sky Mirror that is on show outside the Playhouse. There is also a smaller version in the centre of Casino Square in Monte Carlo.

So for my post today I'm showing you what is reflected in the rear side of the mirror. Part of the Playhouse can be seen and the tower belonging to the Albert Hall. But fortunately you can't see me!