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Monday, 5 March 2012

The Nikon Sister

Stewart (iMac) and I are known by our loved ones as the Nikon Brothers, as we both use Nikon cameras for our favourite hobby. I also use a Panasonic GF1 sometimes, as it's smaller and more discrete for street photography.

I saw another demonstration in the Old Market Square at lunchtime today against government and local council cuts. For some reason there weren't that many people there this time. Maybe the local authority had made that many people redundant now, that there's not that many employees left to demonstrate. In fact the number of police hanging around almost matched that of the demonstrators!

So instead of looking for interesting demonstrators to take photos of, I concentrated on the onlookers and journalists hanging around. My eye fell on this lady who had a Nikon in her hand. A D2, or D2X by the wording on the strap. And boy what a lens. Not sure of the specs of it, but it looks heavy and expensive.

I should have stopped to chat, but she looked focussed ('scuse the pun) on the job in hand, so I didn't want to distract her.