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Friday, 30 March 2012

Where's Daisy When You Need Her?

There is a famous Italian film made in 1948 by Vittorio de Sica called The Bicycle Thief. It tells the story of a man who tries to find his stolen bike that he needs to get to work and back.

It seems that from my photo today that a bicycle thief has tried to steal this person's bike. But unlike the Italian one, the local version has not been able to purloin the whole thing, as the frame is securely locked to the the post. So instead, the thief has stolen almost every bit of the bike they could. Handlebar, brake blocks, saddle. The lot. Even the pedals.

I'm surprised that they left the chain and rear gears though. Maybe they didn't have the specialist tools needed to remove them in one piece. Or they thought it wasn't worth the bother. Either way, the unfortunate individual has now lost both their bike and the key to the lock. I just hope that they were properly insured.