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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sparks Will Fly!

Being the first of the month, I've decided to join in with the Theme Day on-line exhibition in the city daily photo world. It's the first time that I've participated in for over a year or so now. Not sure why. Just time and having the right photo I suppose. Anyway the theme this month is electricity. Those who follow my Headbanger Challenge will know, I like to be different, and so today I'm putting up a photo of the TARDIS. Not the real thing of course. That's probably flying across the universe, carrying the Doctor onto another adventure.

This one was specially made for Light Night this year. An event in the city centre where buildings, art installations and people are lit up in a variety of different ways. It's great to walk round the different areas and come across the unexpected. It occurs in early February, so it is always bitterly cold, and so scarves, gloves and wooly hats are de rigueur.

Do spend some time looking at the other blogs and how they have interpreted the theme.

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