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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Garden Party

Tony's last day of his trip to Nottingham today, so Gail and I thought we would try and make it a good one. So we met up with Stewart and his DW at Belton House, a National Trust property in Lincolnshire. And boy was it busy. Probably because it was warm and sunny for once. Possibly the first one of the year.

We had a great day, walking around the house and gardens, taking photos and chatting. We are all Nikon users too. So it was a bit like a camera club outing. Someone actually made the same comment whilst we were all snapping away inside the Orangery.

We left about closing time and then went for a meal at a local pub and another chat. We were there some time, as it was dark when we finally departed. Julie and Stewart said their goodbyes. We then followed their car, as they led us onto the A52 and back home.

Here's a shot of a section of the gardens taken from the inside of the stately home.